Have you ever wondered why a certain place or a place in your everyday life feels so familiar, as if you have been here so many times before, when you havenít?.

Ever wondered why you have affinities to certain times, maybe the Victorian times, Tudor, World War 1 or another? Have you ever felt a disliking to someone or as if you know them really well even though you have only just met them? What about wanting to find out where a habit, fear, or unusual behaviour comes from? Could a past life influence our present, every day lives?

Using the power of hypnosis I can help you to go back through past lives that are stored in the unconscious mind as memories. Using hypnosis I can help you to access these memories to answer those questions above and also find out more about you. Itís as if you can open up an encyclopedia of your lives and you can go inside of the chapters inside of that book to find out who you were in a past life. Opening doors to restrictions, finding answers to questions and helping you to change the aspects of you that you would like to.

Past Life Regression is a truly empowering experience that is safe, eye opening, therapeutic and a journey to be taken by you and for me as your therapist. Not only is it an adventure for you, but it is for me to learn more about you and the world as it was many years ago.