Enjoy 1-2-1 Spiritual Readings

Within a comfortable and relaxing environment in Bournemouth.

I work with my spiritual guide “Julius”, a Roman Soldier who was my best friend from one of my past lives. If you read my page about past life regression you will find out that I was once a Roman Soldier, where Julius and I would fight in battles together. One particular battle I saved Julius’ life, after this he vowed to stay in spirit to help me in this life.

He is with me everyday guiding me and helping me link to spirit, allowing me to provide you with messages from passed loved ones.

Spiritual readings last for approximately 45 minutes to an hour, where I link with passed loved ones and provide guidance to help answer any questions you may have.

Readings cost £40 and you can contct me via the contacts page, by phone, email or facebook

To comply with legislation, Please note that readings are for
entertainment purposes. Actions taken from guidance or advice given during readings or evening of mediumship are done so through the choice of the recipient. It is advised that the recipient takes professional advice if it relates to health, money, legal or any other related matters before actions are taken. When having a reading the recipient understands this before making an appointment for a reading. The recipient of information does so on the own free will.

1 -2 -1 Readings

1 -2 -1 Readings

Name: Greg Smith
Email: psychicgreg@yahoo.co.uk