Evening of Past life Regression


Past regression



This is full payment for an evening of past life regression at the Yenton hotel, Bournemouth.

evening starts at 7:30 and finishes approx 10pm.

once purchased there will be no refunds or places are not transferable.

tickets will not be sent to you. Purchase receipt is your receipt for the evening. Your name will be placed on a list on the entrance to the room.

During the event I will take you through the experience of relaxation through hypnosis.

Then I will explain the process of hypnosis and past life regression. I will then help you go into relaxation/hypnosis to be able to access your past lives.

Also I may regress one lucky person in front of the group so that the group can watch a person being regressed.

A truly wonderful experience and evening and for those who have been regressed before or who are interested in coming along to this event.


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